Walton Hill

Walk Details:
Date: 22/04/2006
Total ascent: 52m/ 171ft
Total distance walked: 0.74 miles
Walk difficulty: 2/10
Enjoyment rating: 4/10
Best bits: High-speed descent, St Kenhelm’s Church
Worst bits: Thick fog
Walkers: Anth, Jim
Car Parking: We parked in the roadside parking spaces at SO 943 802

Top details:
Name: Walton Hill
Marilyn number: 28 of 1553
Grid reference: SO 94265 79796
Height above sea level: 316m/ 1,037ft
How nice was the top? 3/10
Views: ?/10
Description/Notes: The highest point on Walton Hill (and the highest in the Clent Hills range) is marked by a trig point.

The Walk:

For Jim’s Birthday we were spending the weekend in Snowdonia. We were due to meet Jus & Cat at the Great Orme near Llandudno, but as we knew they’d be up far later than us, Jim and I decided to bag a couple of marilyns whilst they caught us up. The first one was just west of Brum.

We parked in the parking spaces at the side of Walton Hill Road - Jim deliberately parked so I had to get out into a muddy hole, but regretted it when I came to get back into his new Fiesta with muddy boots). We marched briskly up a slightly muddy track through woodland and soon joined a broad, eroded red clay path to the trig point. Jim climbed it, but even from that height could see nothing due to the thick fog. We suspected that on a better day the views would have been stunning.

We left and galloped at high speed back down a different one of the many paths up the hill. We arrived back at the car slightly breathless but proud at having bagged a marilyn in under fifteen minutes!

A short distance from the hill we stopped the car outside St Kenhelm’s Church for a quick wander. It’s set in a beautiful little glen and has a bijou tower and a beautiful carved lych gate – it’s well worth a visit.

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