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Welcome to WheresThePath.com

"Where's the path?" is one of the most frequent questions asked by walkers. Ok, usually it's "where's the f***ing path" (shouted at the sky as what had looked like a well-used path suddenly fades out in the middle of an impenetrable wood), but that would be impolite on a family website.

Needless to say, the idea for this website came about during a "Where's The Path" moment. We were walking on Morgan's Hill in one of the most stunning parts of Wiltshire, and looking to turn left onto a path marked on our Ordnance Survey map we found to our horror it wasn't there. Shouts of "Where's The Path" ensued. As we eventually found said path, the conversation changed to "hey, wouldn't 'WheresThePath.com' be a cool name for a walking website?"

As we were undertaking a series of walking challenges and looking to record what we were doing, a website seemed a great way of doing it. We bought up the domain name and started typing.

If you're looking for an answer to that tricksy "Where's The Path?" question, you won't find it here. We know even less about where you're going than you do. What you'll find here is admittedly just a blog, but a blog which may give you ideas for walks yourself, or give you hints if you fancy trying any of the challenges we're doing.

Now, where's that path then…?

: Some areas of this site are still under heavy construction, so please bear with us whilst we are trying to get up to date with the content, unfortunately we are doing walks faster than we can write them up, but I will try to update this site as often as possible.

DISCLAIMER: The authors of this site take no responsibility for anything bad that happens as a result of people using this site (we're quite happy to take credit and monetary rewards for good things that happen). You should all be big enough and grown up enough to plan a safe and responsible walk for yourselves; we're not your mum!

Please adhere to the countryside code and show respect for landowners and other path users. Plan your your route before you go on a decent map (we recommend the Ordnance Survey Explorer range), ensuring that you stick to public rights of way and/or open access areas - we in no way advocate trespassing. Wear suitable clothing, and check the weather and sunset times before setting out.

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